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A gift of photography is not just art, but timeless, can appreciate and be appreciated, has a story, and a meaning.

I am grateful you are viewing my website, feel free to contact me with questions, and I hope you enjoy the images.
Respectfully Yours,
Paul Funke

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Thank you for visiting the Paul Funke Photography collection; I hope you enjoy the photographs. From my point of view, photography is as much an adventure as it is art, irrespective of whether I hiked two miles in an attempt to find that sublime composition of a bygone railroading relic or, in the comfort and controlled environment of the studio, lighting the pristine still life.

A lot of folks ask what kind of camera I use or how I process my images, but it’s important to know that the camera or the process is only a means to an end, a tool, or tools, used to accomplish a particular goal, that of photographing what I see as closely as possible. Most of my images are recorded on medium format black and white film, the rest supplemented by digital images, color slide film and almost always shot from a tripod.

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Rail Bridges of Pennsylvania

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Rail Bridges of Pennsylvania


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Modified 14-Jun-11

Civil War Battlefields

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Civil War Battlefields


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Rail Bridges of the Susquehanna

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Rail Bridges of the Susquehanna

Doors of Northampton County

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Doors of Northampton County

Doors of Waverly

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Doors of Waverly
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Guestbook for Paul Funke Photography
Lynn Weiss(non-registered)
My computer was slow and I was struggling to leave a message!!!! Your work is superb and followng your passion is beautiful. I saw glimses of it at our reunion but had a better chance to look now and I am truly impressed with your keen eye and compostion. Keep that passion. All the best, Lynn
Linda M.(non-registered)
Awesome pictures! I love the doors!
kathy carter(non-registered)
Incredible images of the Susquehanna bridges make me homesick for Pennsylvania. You've done a wonderful job of capturing some of the beauty and serenity of our home state!
arthur alinikoff(non-registered)
I'm from Kingston, Pa., now living in Nashville, Tn. I'm a working musician playing drums and singing for the past 50 years. I took up photography in 1967 when my friend handed me his Nikon Fn at a rock concert in Cincinnati...I fell in love with photography then and love it to this day. I've got a few album covers and promos under my belt but I'm far from a full on professional. What really gets me is when I see the work of a master. You, sir, are one such person. Thank you for your stellar images. You have an artist's eye. Your capturing of textures and deep understanding of form help me to be a better photographer. Best of luck to you and your organization in the future. If I ever get back to Wyoming Valley be assured that I will stop in the gallery and I hope I can meet you.
Mike Smith(non-registered)
Hey Paul, I finally got a chance to check out the new pictures you put up. They are great! Keep up the good work.
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