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Lynn Weiss(non-registered)
My computer was slow and I was struggling to leave a message!!!! Your work is superb and followng your passion is beautiful. I saw glimses of it at our reunion but had a better chance to look now and I am truly impressed with your keen eye and compostion. Keep that passion. All the best, Lynn
Linda M.(non-registered)
Awesome pictures! I love the doors!
kathy carter(non-registered)
Incredible images of the Susquehanna bridges make me homesick for Pennsylvania. You've done a wonderful job of capturing some of the beauty and serenity of our home state!
arthur alinikoff(non-registered)
I'm from Kingston, Pa., now living in Nashville, Tn. I'm a working musician playing drums and singing for the past 50 years. I took up photography in 1967 when my friend handed me his Nikon Fn at a rock concert in Cincinnati...I fell in love with photography then and love it to this day. I've got a few album covers and promos under my belt but I'm far from a full on professional. What really gets me is when I see the work of a master. You, sir, are one such person. Thank you for your stellar images. You have an artist's eye. Your capturing of textures and deep understanding of form help me to be a better photographer. Best of luck to you and your organization in the future. If I ever get back to Wyoming Valley be assured that I will stop in the gallery and I hope I can meet you.
Mike Smith(non-registered)
Hey Paul, I finally got a chance to check out the new pictures you put up. They are great! Keep up the good work.
Deb aka Chachi Girl(non-registered)
Not many of us follow our dream, or even have a dream for that matter. Your inspiring photographs are a beautiful reflection "living in the moment". I love your website! The music helps make the photo come alive. I hope you get the recognition you so well deserve Paul Funke!
I think that your photos speak, some quietly, some clearly and that they show both the nature of your subject matter and your soul.

Just sayin.
Rob Reece(non-registered)
Great eye and wonderful journey into a special world.
Thank you Paul

basia kaminski(non-registered)
Still as good to look at as in New Paltz!
Dave Aston(non-registered)
Very nice work Paul, I am impressed. Hope to see you again soon, probably at Allan's.
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